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Zenith Yacht Charters is based in the NYC - NJ Metro area. We offer premier luxury charters to private clients. Available for day, evening, and overnight events out of New York City and metropolitan area.


Affinity is a 120 ft private charter yacht that can accommodate up to 140 guests. The luxury yacht is perfect for lunch and dinner cruises, wedding parties, social events or business meetings. The yacht features climate-controlled salons, state-of-the-art sound system and flat screen TVs. Originally the vessel was designed and built in 1967 by Bender Shipbuilding. The yacht was refurbished in 1984 and then again in 2008. Affinity yacht cruises offer comfort and style, with spectacular views of the New York City skyline and metropolitan area.

Length: 120 ft.
Maximum Capacity: 140 guests
Dining: 60 guests


Atlantica is a 145 ft private charter yacht that can host up to 350 guests. The yacht has 3 levels and a private bridal suite. The first deck is an elegant space which can accommodate 290 guests for formal dining and dancing. The second deck is a stylish cocktail lounge with leather couches and high top tables. Both decks are fully enclosed, climate-controlled spaces for comfort, with large windows for unobstructed views. The third deck is a spacious outdoor observation level, with panoramic skyline views and lounge furniture. Atlantica is a beautiful modern yacht, perfect for weddings and large special events.

Length: 145 ft.
Maximum Capacity: 350 guests
Seated Dining: 290 guests


Calypso is a 72 ft private charter yacht that can host up to 34 guests. The elegantly decorated yacht features modern minimalism design with Hemingway motif, double French doors, varnished mahogany and teak. The yacht has 2 levels, with seating available for up to 8 guests and standing room for 25 guests. Accommodations include 2 staterooms for 5 guests on special charters. Galley, full service wet bar and seated dining area is available for dinners and cocktails. Originally built in 1973 for Jack Wrather, producer of the show "The Lone Ranger", who christened it the "Lone Ranger IV." The yacht has been fully refurbished and rechristened, Calypso, updated with full modern amenities for a luxury yacht experience.

Length: 72 ft.
Maximum Capacity: 34 guests
Dining/Cocktails: 25 guests
State Rooms: 2


Cornucopia Destiny is a 120 ft private charter yacht that can accommodate 250 guests. The first-rate yacht has 4 levels, with formal dining for 225 guests. The first 2 decks are elegantly designed indoor spaces for dining and dancing with full service bar. The third deck is a covered observation deck with comfortable amenities and full service bar. The fourth deck is a spacious outdoor open area with spectacular views. The yacht also features a private bridal suite. Cornucopia Destiny is the ideal yacht experience for weddings and special events.

Length: 120 ft.
Maximum Capacity: 250 guests
Dining: 225 guests


Hornblower Sensation is a 114 ft private charter yacht that can host up to 425 guests. The modern yacht has 2 levels with dining areas, fully stocked bars, exterior sky deck and dance floors. Each deck can accommodate 150 guests for buffet and 200 guests for cocktails. The first-rate yacht features 2 climate-controlled decks, state-of-the-art sound system, HDTVs and custom LED lighting. Hornblower Sensation is the perfect yacht for large groups and events, while enjoying the beautiful skyline of NYC.

Length: 114 ft.
Maximum Capacity: 425 guests
1st Deck Buffet: 150 guests
1st Deck Cocktails: 200 guests
2nd Deck Buffet: 150 guests
2nd Deck Cocktails: 200 guests


Juliette is a unique yacht in New York Harbor - a boat that was built to be a private luxury yacht, then later upgraded to US Coast Guard Specifications to carry up to 40 passengers. This is the only boat in NYC with a Private Yacht feel and ambience that can legally take more than 12 passengers. Juliette offers a spacious bow and gorgeously appointed upper deck for groups of ten to forty guests to enjoy a loungelike atmosphere while experiencing a private tour of NYC's iconic skyline alongside top tier dining and drinks.

Length: 80 ft.
Maximum Capacity: 40 guests
State Rooms: 3


Justine is a 97 ft luxurious private charter yacht based in New York City. She hosts up to 12 guests for day and evening cruises, and can accommodate eight overnight in four staterooms. The yacht has an elegant and spacious main deck salon, full service bar, formal dining room, and fully equipped galley. There is an aft deck observation area and seating, upper deck outdoor area with lounge seating and 360 degree views, and spacious sun pad on the bow. Located throughout the yacht is a premier sound system, controllable by guests' Bluetooth device, as well as satellite HDTVs. The interior was completely rebuilt in 2010 and is continually and meticulously updated.

Length: 97 ft.
Maximum Capacity: 12 guests
State Rooms: 4


Lexington is a 100 ft private charter yacht that can accommodate up to 120 guests. The yacht has classic features with contemporary style including wood handrails, mahogany dining room and teak decks. Lexington was recently upgraded with over 1 million dollars in renovations. Special features include climate-controlled decks, private suite with full bath, satellite TV monitors, state-of-the-art sound and LED lighting system. The first deck is an elegant dining area with floor to ceiling windows offering beautiful panoramic views. The second deck includes a full bar, lounge area and access to outdoor deck. Lexington yacht offers a sophisticated combination of style and comfort, while you cruise past the most iconic sights in NYC.

Length: 100 ft.
Maximum Capacity: 120 guests
Dining: 80 guests
Cocktails: 100 guests


Manhattan Elite is a modern private charter yacht that can host up to 100 guests. The yacht is a 2 level vessel that can accommodate up to 60 guests for formal dining. The main deck is an elegantly designed dining salon with fully enclosed, climate-controlled atmosphere and outdoor deck in bow and stern. The second deck has an outdoor observation area, for panoramic skyline views and a fully enclosed indoor lounge with full service bar and bistro tables. Manhattan Elite is a first-class yacht experience, for private and corporate events on the water.

Maximum Capacity: 100 guests
Dining: 60 guests
Buffet: 100 guests


Sundancer is a 90 ft private charter yacht that can host up to 107 guests. The luxury yacht can accommodate 60 guests for formal dining and over 100 guests for buffet and cocktail events. Features include a private bridal suite and full galley. The first deck of the yacht is a stylish indoor dining space with large oversized windows for spectacular views. The second deck is a beautiful indoor lounge, complete with full service bar and adjacent outdoor observation deck. Sundancer is a prestigious yacht offering an upscale cruise experience for all types of personal events and business functions.

Length: 90 ft.
Maximum Capacity: 107 guests
Seated Dining: 60 guests
Buffet/Cocktails: 100 guests


Trident is a 60 ft private motor yacht, which is US Coast Guard certified to carry up to 35 guests. The contemporary yacht has a roomy upper deck outdoor area and bow with sun pad, for a full open air yachting experience. There are also comfortable indoor areas on the lower deck for dining and lounging, with climate-controlled atmosphere. A galley is available with custom dining options and bar service. Trident offers an upscale yacht experience on the water for party, lunch, dinner and fun sightseeing.

Length: 60 ft.
Maximum Capacity: 35 guests
Seated Dining: 6 - 10 guests
Buffet: 35 guests



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